About Me

Hey There! My name is Jack Bevis and I'm a software developer based in Denver, Colorado.

I am a user focused developer that specializes in building intuitive, aesthetically pleasing web applications primarily using Typescript with React. My academic background is centered on viewing the world through an anthropological and geographical lens. I strive to take this same approach to software development and code. The modern web is a ubiquitous element in our daily lives and I fully believe access to it is a human right. As such I want to use this lens to create tools that a pleasing to use as they are to look at.

I love wilderness and the natural world. I count myself truly lucky to be so close to the mountains, desert and general wide open places here in Colorado. While I love my home, my wife and I are avid travelers and relish any chance to explore a new place in the world. Additionally, I love music and playing drums as well as attempting to strum a guitar from time to time.

I greatly appreciate any time spent here to learn a bit more about me and please feel free to checkout some of my work here, or on my GitHub if you want to go under the hood. You can reach me at jack.bevis@gmail.com and my resume can be found here.